Condensation On Toilets

April 19th 2005
Condensation On Toilets

Dear Shell,

My problem is with a Rialto model Kholer lo-profile [tank and bowl in one piece] toilet. We have 2 of them in our Condo and they both have the same problem in the winter months. Condensation continually forms around the bowl and then forms puddles of water on the floor. The more often you flush the toilet the worse it gets. There is no problem in the summer time. We have an exhaust fan in each bathroom connected to a humidifier wall no avail. Is there any way that the water in the bowl can be heated or a way to pump warm water to the bowl? Your help would be greatly appreciated by myself and many other condo owners in our building.

Steve, Vancouver

Dear Steve,

The condensation is caused by high relative humidity in the bathroom coming in contact with the cold china of the toilet, condensing and dripping water. It will be worse the more you flush the toilet because with each flushing the water is colder. This is a result of not exhausting the humid air out of the bathrooms after bathing and showering. Your bathroom fans need to run a minimum of one hour after each bath or shower. In other words one shower, one hour, two showers two hours and so on. What you require is a proper Dehumidistat that will automatically turn the fan on as needed to exhaust the moist air. You mention a humidifier wall switch, I doubt that it is a proper Dehumidistat. If it is then it is not being set at proper levels for optimum use. Please be aware that some of these units may run continuously during wet winter months. Dehumidistats may be purchased from the HouseSmart Referral at 604 542 2236.