Concrete Slab and Moisture

January 7th 2004
Concrete Slab and Moisture

Q. We expanded our business one year ago and our problem area is approximately 180 sq. ft. of old concrete slab floor which joins 800 sq. ft. of new concrete slab floor, and industrial sheet vinyl was installed on the floor in both areas. Our problem is moisture in the old area has resulted in the vinyl bubbling and lifting in this area only. What are our options to fix this problem? Also can we put down some sort of vapour barrier with pressure treated plywood sub floor over the concrete slab, and reapply same sheet vinyl to match existing floor in new addition.

Vegreville, AB

A. For best results, apply Delta FL (or similar product) over the floor area, over which you apply plywood sub floor. Your choice of flooring is now up to you and if you choose to go with a matching vinyl flooring, it will work fine.