Composite Decking Benefits

June 22nd 2010
Composite Decking Benefits

Summer is here, and looking out in to your backyard, you may be getting the idea that the time is right to build that deck you've always wanted.

There are a variety of materials you can use to build your deck. To give you a longer lasting maintenance friendly surface my preference would be to go with a composite deck material. Alternative decking material refines traditional decks with a variety of color choices, more design flexibility, and low-maintenance features.

We've done our research, and found a product called MoistureShield. This is a product made primarily of recycled materials. MORE THAN 90% recycled materials - 30% from post consumer and 60% from pre-consumer recycled materials are used to make MoistureShield.

MoistureShield has proprietary heat process which Enables wood pulp to be totally encapsulated with plastic. Thus resulting in a product with vibrant lasting color, greater resistance to moisture, mold, mildew and staining. Because MoistureShield is totally encapsulated, it can be installed with direct ground contact and it will not void the warranty. This is unique to composite decking materials.

Decking planks are extruded and allowed to cool slowly, which means they will not twist or warp. MoistureShield is non-toxic and does not require staining, painting or sealing. And, their boards retain their rich color, unlike many other materials that experience a greater degree of weathering.

Providing peace of mind, MoistureShield products are warranted against rot, decay and termite damage with a limited warranty ranging from 20 years to lifetime, depending on the product.

Environmental Green FYI's - Conserving resources for the future.

- No new trees are cut down to make MoistureShield Decking.

- Their process stops over 270 million pounds of trash from entering landfills every year that is 36 football fields of trash, each stacked 10 ft. high!

- Not only does a 12' x 12' MoistureShield deck save 110 gallons of gas, but it also reduces greenhouse gas by 619 lbs. CO2 equivalent.

The plastic and wood recycled during this process annually is comparable to taking 54,000 vehicles off the road.

For more information on MoistureShield Composite Decking please visit their website