Composite Decking Around Our Hot Tub

November 10th 2010
Composite Decking Around Our Hot Tub

Q) I have been researching composite decking materials for building a new deck around our hot tub. I am wondering how it will wear in this area. I understand that composite is low maintenance but will also fade over time. Are you able to stain it? I really don't want to go with pressure treated lumber, but at least you can stain every few years.

Any help or info would be appreciated.

A) Composite decking is an excellent choice for areas around hot tubs and pools because it won't splinter or warp and is more slip resistant than wood. The structural joist system will still require pressure treated lumber to be used. Depending on the exposure to the sun and weathering most materials will lighten over time, some more than others. Using a good quality composite will ensure it fades less and lighten to a more attractive finish. MoistureShield is a great choice since it is one of the leading brands of composites on the market.

Although not required, composite can be painted or stained. Since it's resistant to rot, you won't have to replace any rotten planks or worry that after a while someone may fall through. For maintenance, you will need to periodically clean using an all purpose exterior cleaning product such as my Shell Busey Home Cleaning Formula.