Composite Deck Materials

August 26th 2002

Question from Barbara in Vancouver, B.C. -----

Dear Shell,

I have heard that MoistureShield and other wood and plastic mixtures are great for decks. But I have also heard that these mixed deck-building materials can have problems, such as swelling due to moisture. The idea of having a virtually maintenance free decking especially here in wet Vancouver sounds wonderful, even if the price is high. But if there are going to be problems with the decking a few years down the road, then am I still better off with wood? Could you please comment on the durability of these composites and on their "track Record" if it is known? And is one product better than another?




Dear Barbara,

There are a number of good composite decking materials on the market and they make a wonderful choice for building a deck.

Please be sure to take note of all the manufactures information because not all products are recommended for use close to damp soil and should be elevated on a suspended joist system.

Also, make sure you check out the warranty for each product so that in the event problems arise, you will be covered.

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