Coating Stucco

February 25th 2003
Coating Stucco

Dear Shell,

Last year we had our brand-new house stuccoed. Everything is fine, no cracks etc., but the problem is the colour. Not one of the walls match, the guys who did the work did not mix the batches properly so the house looks terrible! We had them come back and fog-coat a couple of walls but to make a long story short that was another disaster. We want to fix it ourselves, so we are going to paint it. We used Imasco products and the colour is like a dark beige (but no pink tones). I have advice from Home Hardware to hose the wall down and wet it really well before we paint. I talked to someone from Imasco and they said not to wet the wall.

Please give us some advice as to the type of paint to use and the application.



Dear Isabelle,

Rather than using the term "painting" stucco I like to use the term "coating" the stucco. The coating I like to use is Towerthon Elastomeric tinted to the colour of your choice available from Cloverdale Paint. To prepare the walls, wash with the Shell Busey Home cleaning formula and rinse well.

Before applying the Towerthon, mist the wall with a low-pressure garden sprayer using clean water. Spray just enough to dampen. Using a polyester nylon brush and heavy nap roller to apply the Towerthon and make sure you keep a wet edge. Do not do this in the sunshine. Apply at a rate of one gallon to 125 square feet. You'll be very happy with the result.

It's Just That Easy!