Cleaning Vinyl Boat Cushions

March 7th 2005
Cleaning Vinyl Boat Cushions

Dear Shell,

I have a pink sink and tub that have some chips on the inside surfaces. The largest is about 1/16 of an inch. Where can I get some paint to seal the chips and how do I apply it? Secondly, I have some vinyl boat cushions showing black spots. I used a heavy duty vinyl cleaner which cleaned up the coal dust and dirt but there are still some black spots on the vinyl. Is there a product that will remove the spots? Thank you for the information on drafty windows. I phoned the number you gave me and they are sending me three brochures.


Dear Jim,

Repairing chips in pink bathroom fixtures would be very difficult today as to the best of my knowledge the Pink Porce A Fix product is no longer available. I would suggest calling Bathfitter for a complete tub and surround installation. To contact Bathfitter call the HouseSmart Referral Network at 604-542-2236.

To remove the black marks (spots) on the vinyl apply full strength Pink Solution to the area, add water and scrub with a white cloth. Work with equal quantities of Pink Solution and water until the marks are removed. Rinse well with clear water.

The drafty window brochures this gentleman is referring to are available to all homeowners. They can be obtained by calling 1-800-387-2000 and requesting the brochures on windows, moisture problems and air leakage in the home.

It's Just That Easy,