Cleaning, Sealing & Preserving A Deck

March 7th 2005
Cleaning, Sealing & Preserving A Deck

Dear Shell,

I have recently has installed a 16 x 25 foot sun deck at the rear of my house. The deck in constructed with 1 x 6 pressure treated radius lumber. With so many products on the market what is your recommendation for cleaning, sealing and preserving the decking? I want to keep this low maintenance and not an annual make work project. I would also like to keep the natural look of the wood. Secondly what can I use to get the same light green colouring effect on the cut ends of the decking?


Dear Cliff,

Cleaning of the deck can be achieved by using the Shell Busey Home Cleaning Formula and then rinsing well. My choice of deck finish would be the Messmers Deck Finish available at a Cloverdale Paint store in your area. Pre-stain the cut end of your deck boards, using end seal treatment available at your local Building Supply stores. This product is made available to seal pressure treated deck lumber.

It's Just That Easy,