Cleaning My Stainless Steel Sink

December 16th 2009
Cleaning My Stainless Steel Sink

Q. I am looking for tips on how to get an older stainless steel sink cleaned up before I put my house on the market and how can I keep it looking shiny? Is there a way I can make the tiny hairline scratches less noticeable?

A. A kitchen sink takes a lot of abuse so there is some effort involved to keep your sink looking new and fresh. Mix a paste of baking soda and water and apply with a synthetic scrub pad then rinse thoroughly. Avoid abrasive cleaners. Vinegar works well for hard water stains and to get a stainless steal sink to sparkle like new again try wiping down with Club Soda. To go one step further polish with a metal polish that is safe for stainless steel such as "Maas" available through hardware stores and buff with a soft cloth.

To help maintain the luster make a habit of wiping out the sink frequently to avoid the filmy look caused by dried mineral deposits from water spots and drips. For Kitchens and Bathrooms I often suggest Mother Choice as an All Purpose Cleaner. Contact Home Services for a local supplier at 604-542-2236.

It just that easy!

Shell Busey