Cleaning Exterior Siding and Decks

March 21st 2017
Cleaning Exterior Siding and Decks

Cleaning Exterior Siding and Decks:

Although spring cleanup may seem like a major chore, cleaning your decks, driveways and siding are great projects to complete early in the season. All you need to get started is a garden hose, a low pressure sprayer, a long handled brush and a quality exterior cleaning product. Shell Busey's Home Cleaning Formula, available in powder form can be used for all outside cleaning projects such as; concrete, decks, siding, fencing, asphalt, vinyl decking, stucco and eaves troughs etc. For removing green algae and black stains, follow the instructions on the container. (Just add required amount of water and use).  You can purchase Shell's Home Cleaning Formula at Windsor Plywood, Cloverdale Paint, select Rona stores and at our office in South Surrey at #7 - 2320 King George Blvd.



1. Mix ingredients together as stated on the bottle.

2. Wet surface with hose.

3. Wet down all plant life.

4. Never wash any exterior surface in full sunlight.

5. Flood over surface or spray on with low pressure sprayer (garden sprayer).

6. Let sit approximately 3-5 minutes.

7. Scrub with stiff broom or brush.



When cleaning siding, start at the bottom and work up to the top, using a round type brush on a long pole, rinsing as you move upward. If vinyl or wood horizontal siding do 2 - 3 rows at one time.

DO NOT use on windows or any type of glass. Clean windows using CV9 Window Cleaner available at most Windsor Plywood and Home Hardware Building Stores.

Other uses for Shell Busey's Home Cleaning Formula:

Bathroom - Ceramic Tile walls, Floors and Showers
Mix 1 leveled lid full into 2 litres of warm water
Apply with spray bottle Scrub with sponge and rinse well

Preparing surfaces for painting use Medium duty mix (as stated on bottle)

Preparing deck surfaces for stain use Heavy duty mix (as stated on bottle)

Washing oil soaked cloths or work overalls use 2 lids of formula per wash load.