Cleaning a Vertical Pipe Leading Down to the Perimeter Drain

August 4th 2005
Cleaning a Vertical Pipe Leading Down to the Perimeter Drain

Q: My basement windows are protected by window wells and each has a 5 inch pipe running into the sewer to keep the well dry. My eavestrough downspout on the one side of the house goes into one of the pipes and drains well however when we had a downpour at the other side of the house the water ran into one of the other wells and the water did not drain off. When I put a long stick in I found that the sand that is in the window well must have plugged the pipe. My question is How do I open this pipe? or Who do I ask to do it? Also, I have tyndall stone around the bottom part of my house and garage. At the corners of the garage the concrete has washed and crumbled out and needs fixing. What do I use to do that?

A: The vertical pipe leading down to the perimeter drain and away to the storm sewer can be cleaned using a wet dry vacuum cleaner. To loosen the sand keep it dampened with a garden hose and suck the sand out until clear. To finish the process fill the pipe with round drain rock.

Regarding the stone: clean away any loose concrete and dampen the wall with a wet sponge. Using a paint brush, coat the area with Weldbond all purpose glue. Take mortar mix cement mixed to a muffin mix consistency and apply to the areas with a pointed cement trowel.

Note: The mixture should not be sloppy.