Cladding with Carpet

August 16th 2016
Cladding with Carpet

An ideal way to dress up your patio or steps is to clad with indoor/outdoor carpeting.


- Indoor/outdoor carpeting is inexpensive and readily available
- It covers up nail holes, chips, splits and other imperfections in wood
- Adhesive and paint coatings, form a protective layer, impervious to rain, sun and scuffing.
- You can use any type and color of paint, helping you use up all those paint leftovers from other projects, and keep it out of the landfill.
- The newer indoor/outdoor carpet styles have a lower nap and is more resilient than the traditional Astroturf indoor/outdoor carpet. It is much denser and thinner and can be contoured to the surfaces it covers.


  1. Apply exterior all purpose adhesive to the (plywood/concrete/lumber) you wish to coat.

    - Precut carpet an extra 1/2" wider, 1" longer than needed, and apply adhesive to the underside.

  2. Apply carpet carefully to desired surface once the adhesive is tacky. To get an even finish and maximum adhesion, use a rubber roller to roll the carpet out nice and flat.

    - Once you've allowed time for the adhesive to bond with the carpet and base material, you can trim the excess carpet with a utility knife. (if making angled cuts and mitered ends, best results are achieved by sawing the wood and carpet once it has bonded.)

  3. Apply first coat of acrylic paint or deck coating to surface and allow for drying.

  4. Apply Second coat of acrylic paint or deck coating to surface and allow for drying.

  5. Repeat the process again with a third coat of acrylic deck coating.

  6. Add a final coat of exterior clear acrylic coating to achieve that finished look that will last.