Choosing a New Furnace

April 19th 2005
Choosing a New Furnace

Dear Shell

My Mom lives in an old heritage home in North Vancouver. She would like to get a new, more efficient furnace and we were hoping that you could recommend which one to purchase. I work at Home Depot where we sell Trane, but I'm not sure if this would be the best option for her.

Coco, Vancouver

Dear Coco,

When shopping for a major item like a new furnace it is very important to use a technician who is familiar with the product and able to perform warranty work should the need ever arise. Just like an automobile, if you buy a Chevrolet you have it serviced by a GM dealer. The following is a list of important questions to ask when you are shopping for a furnace.

1. What type of furnace do I need?
2. How many BTU's?
3. What efficiency should I have?
4. Is the existing duct (supply and return) adequate?
5. Should I have more supply air and what about basement return air?
6. Does the venting need to be changed for the new furnace?
7. Is the hot water tank venting the proper size and gauge?
8. Are there advantages to a continuous low speed fan?
9. Will my old thermostat work with a new furnace?
10. How often should I change or clean the furnace filter?
11. What can I do as a homeowner to keep my furnace running at the highest efficiency possible?
For a referral to a qualified heating technician in your area call the HouseSmart Referral Network at 604 542 2236.