Choosing A New Fireplace

October 22nd 2015
Choosing A New Fireplace



Q: We have a roughed in fireplace in our house and would like to get it going to experience a nice warm cozy atmosphere for the winter months. We are confused as to which type of fireplace would be best. What suggestions can you give us?

A: Now that fall and winter are approaching there is nothing better than curling up to a nice warm fire. A fireplace will keep you cozy but it also needs to be safe and energy efficient. Here are some of the available options.

Wood burning fireplaces are great if you love the majesty of a real fire and the smell of burning wood and crackling logs. Older wood burning fireplaces are not very energy efficient but there are now newer, safer and more advanced wood burning fireplaces available. Look for models with an EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). Before considering a wood fireplace you should check with your insurance carrier to see if there are restrictions regarding wood burning fireplaces.

Electric fireplaces can set the mood and temperature with an easy flick of a switch. They are safe, convenient, low maintenance, easy to install, great for small places and do not require a chimney or outdoor venting.

Gas fireplaces are probably the most popular option as they are clean burning, efficient and do not require a chimney (But you will need to vent a gas fireplace through the wall or vent pipe up through the existing chimney).  A gas fireplace may not offer the same sensation as a real wood burning on it is more energy efficient and you do not need to clean up wood chips or ashes. Some newer models have real fire looks complete with imitation smoke and supply not only radiant heat but convections as well.

Note: Always ask the retailer about the energy efficient level of the various units.