Choosing a Home Inspector

April 19th 2005
Choosing a Home Inspector

Dear Shell

I recently found a mobile home that I liked and made an offer subject to the approval of a Home Inspection. I received the report and it was good, saying nothing about dampness in the home, so I purchased it.   Upon removing the old stained carpeting and lino I was dismayed to find wet rot in the main bedroom, hallway, kitchen and living room floors and in the hallway and living room walls. It is so severe in the living room that I could see the metal siding from the inside! Surely home inspectors should know where to look on older mobiles for problems and also have a moisture meter with them?

Do I have any recourse against the home inspector or realtor who recommended him?

K.W., Campbell River

Dear K.W.

This type of enquiry always brings the integrity of the company you used for the inspection into question. My advice to you and my readers is to always use a independent inspection service that will insure you as well as assure you that they will support you in a court of law if necessary. Rule of thumb, never use an inspection service referred by the realtor. If in fact you did use a service referred by the realtor my first phone call would be back to that realtor.