Changing Doors of Varying Dimensions

December 9th 2009
Changing Doors of Varying Dimensions

Q: I have four bedroom doors of varying dimensions that have been in poor repair for years. I would like to have replaced them long ago but haven't found any doors to fit. I'm a little leery of the high costs associated with having doors custom made. Is there a way to either patch or refinish these doors or can I have them replaced at a reasonable cost.

Charles, Delta

A: Updating interior doors in a home doesn't have to be a major project. For this type of job, I refer homeowners to Windsor Plywood locations since they can machine match to your old door for a customized fit and homeowners can install the doors themselves if they chose. When you purchase your replacement doors, they will custom mill them to your specifications, router the door edges for flush hinge mounting and shim the sides to ensure an exact fit for your frame. You will need to remove the old hinges, mark the top of your existing doors and bring them into the store. Make sure you call ahead to ensure someone will be available to assist you with this at the store. Once you pick up your replacement doors all that is required is to reinstall with the hinge pins.

It's just that easy!

Shell Busey