Changing Back to a Wood Burning Fireplace

December 3rd 2002

Question from Mel in Delta B.C. -----

Hi Shell,

We had a gas log (sand pan) installed several years ago, (before inserts were readily available) along with a custom-made solid brass set of doors. We want to keep these doors. The entire fireplace has been refaced and designed around the brass doors. My question is: I would like to do away with the gas log and go back to using the fireplace as a wood fireplace? Is there any problems doing this? Of course, I would properly remove and disconnect the gas to that fireplace and ensure the damper was functioning properly etc. This fireplace would be only used for special occasions, Christmas, etc. and I realize that itís not practical, but neither is the (Sand Pan).

Thanks Shell



Dear Mel:

Yes, you can go back to a wood-burning fireplace. My first choice however, would be to recommend the installation of an energy efficient natural gas insert.

I understand your situation and your desire to keep your custom made doors and realize that the fireplace will receive little use.

Please be aware that you should provide combustion air for the fire box. We have combustion air dampers for wood burning fireplaces at our HouseSmart Centre Surrey, 2320 King George Hwy, Unit #8, phone 604-542-2236.

NOTE: You may want to take advantage of the gas line thatís already in the fireplace to have a certified gas fitter install a natural gas wood starter for your firebox. For more information you could call Mr. Fireplace at 604-591-226 and ask for Rod.

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