Cement Stain on Our Asphalt Driveway

September 24th 2002
Cement Stain on Our Asphalt Driveway

Hi Shell,

On our street we get run off from the neighbour's new exposed aggregate driveway. My husband drove into a puddle with concrete sand etc. in it, onto our asphalt driveway, that was sealed a month ago. The concrete residue has left a tire mark on our driveway and looks terrible. We've tried to power wash, use soap, use driveway limeaway cleaner, it just doesn't come off. The paver said to just let it wear off. I think we should just re-seal the marks and make it at least look new again. What do you suggest?

By the way we have to laugh sort of. We wake up to your show every Sunday. The one Sunday you were speaking about calling the gas company before digging. These same neighbours didn't and the fire dept. came instead. We couldn't come home for hours, but at least nothing blew!

We look forward to hearing from you soon,

Gale & Stephen


Dear Gale and Stephen,

To remove the concrete residual, mix muriatic acid (1/3 acid into 2/3 water) Wear proper personal protective safety items such as rubber boots, rubber gloves, a mask, and safety goggles, etc.

Apply the acid water mix onto a dampened area where the cement stain is located. When the mixture foams and sizzles, scrub it with a course brush until cement is removed. Rinse well and allow to dry. You can then apply a new coat of asphalt sealer.

It's Just That Easy!