Ceiling Tile Cleaning or Painting?

February 27th 2007
Ceiling Tile Cleaning or Painting?

Q. I have 12x12 tiles on my ceilings through out our home. They are made of a soft wood fibre type of material. Somebody said they were made by "Ten Test" or something like that. Some are acoustic with holes and others are just plain white. I want to clean them up or paint them and any suggestions would be helpful?

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A. Soft Ten-Tiles, were common in the 70's and early 80's and incidentally these panels are still made by the Armstrong Ceiling Tile Company. To clean your panel ceiling it's best to paint rather than washing them. Washing may blemish the surface or smudge the white colour.

First, prepare the surface by cleaning using a sponge and Shell Busey's Home Cleaning Formula. Rinse well with clear water. When dry apply Cloverdale Paint's "Pro-Fresh" Ceiling Paint. Using a nylon or polyester brush, paint seams and cut in to the wall. Then complete the rest of the ceiling with a "Foam Slit Roller" to finish the project off.

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