Caulking A Bathtub

June 19th 2014
Caulking A Bathtub


Q: We have a problem keeping a silicone seal around our bathtub. It seems to constantly crack, turn black and look generally ugly. There must be a better solution.


A: The solution is simply that the caulking has to be properly applied in order to get a good seal.

First, carefully remove the bulk of the old silicone seal with a razor blade or utility knife. Remove any remaining residue using silicone sealer remover, then rinse well and allow to dry thoroughly. Wipe with methyl hydrate.

Fill the bathtub with water right up to the overflow. The weight of the water in the tub will preload the tub to its lowest point in order to allow the area between the tub and the wall to open to its fullest.

Run a piece of masking tape along the tub edge and the ceramic tile edge leaving a three-eighths-inch opening.

Fill the opening with bathtub silicone seal, smoothing it on to the masking tape with a dampened finger. When you have finished applying the seal, pull off the tape, but leave the water in the tub for 12 hours.

If you are resealing a shower stall, place something such as heavy books on the base to simulate the weight of the water.

Note: Make sure you purchase silicone sealer that is designated for bathrooms. Do not use latex tub and tile seal.