Candle Dye in our Carpet

October 16th 2002

Question from Ron in Kelowna, B.C. -----

Hi Shell!

Recently we had a candle burn unevenly which started a small fire. Fortunately damage was minimal, but some of the dye (red) from the candle stained the carpet. There was wax on the carpet, which we were able to remove but the dye from the candle is still visible. Any ideas how to remove it??? I really enjoy your show!

Thank you very much!



Dear Ron,

Dye can be a real problem to remove if other solvents etc. have been tried (setting the stain). I'd suggest that you try an enzyme cleaner called Pink Solution. The more water you use with Pink Solution the more enzyme cleaning action you get. Contact Earth Care Sales 1-800-565-9972 for availability in your area. They will also be able to go through the cleaning process with you.

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