Can I Wallpaper Over Wood Panelling?

February 23rd 2009
Can I Wallpaper Over Wood Panelling?

Q: I would like to wallpaper over some out-of-date wood panelling in our spare bedroom. Can this be done so we don't have to remove the paneling?

-- Lindsay, North Vancouver

A: To wallpaper over your existing wood panelling, begin by washing the entire surface with my Shell Busey Home Clearing formula. Rinse well with clear water and allow to dry thoroughly. If the panelling is v-grooved, use a small brush and apply a coat of white glue to all the v-joints, seams and any nail holes. When the glue is dry apply a coat of lightweight spackling compound with a four-inch spackle knife. No sanding is required. After allowing the panelling to dry, apply a roller coat of alkyd primer.

Now your wall is ready for wallpaper.