Can I Paint My Hardboard Siding?

July 11th 2002

Question from Clarence in Lundar, Manitoba -----

Dear Shell,

I have white hardboard siding on the side of my house. It has been on the house since it was built in 1970. The siding is still in good shape, but needs painting. Can this type of siding be painted? If so what type of paint should I use, and how do I prepare the surface for painting??

Thank You



Dear Clarence,

Yes, you can paint your siding successfully.

1. Wash the siding with Shell Busey’s Home Cleaning Formula and make sure you rinse it well.

2. Apply a best quality acrylic latex exterior house paint (not stain).

Note: If there are any bare areas, they must be primed with exterior alkyd primer before you apply the acrylic latex.

It’s Just That Easy

Shell Busey