Can I Paint My Countertops?

July 11th 2002

Question from Marianne in Edmonton, Alberta -----

Dear Shell,

I am interested in painting my kitchen and bathroom counter tops. The counters are seven years old, and are in good shape. I have heard that melamine paint is the best option. Do you have any advice as to how to go about this? Also, what can I expect in terms of results and durability. I'm hoping to try this before I go so far as to replace the counters. Thank you for your consideration of my question.




Dear Marianne,

Melamine Paint is your best choice but keep in mind it is still paint. Painted surfaces are much more prone to scratches than the real thing (plastic laminate). To prepare the surface, remove the sink and faucets and mask all areas in and around countertop. Wash all surfaces with T.S.P. (Tri Sodium Phosphate) and scrub with an abrasive scrub pad. Make sure you rinse the surface really well. When completely dry, apply the melamine paint with a Whizz Roller.

Itís Just That Easy

Shell Busey