Buying The Proper Bathroom Fan

October 15th 2015
Buying The Proper Bathroom Fan



Q: Fall is approaching very quickly and we have a question regarding bathroom fans. It seems that every winter when we have our windows closed we get a lot of condensation on our windows. What do you suggest?




A: As windows are closed up in the fall and winter it causes houses to tighten up. When the windows are closed less damp air escapes from the home and the remaining damp air will result in moisture on windows. The best way to effectively exhaust damp air from your home is to have proper bathroom fans installed in your home. Relative humidity in your home at this time of year should be around 50%.


Purchase a fan appropriately sized for your room. A good guide is 1 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) for every 1 square foot of room space. Choose the quietest unit available for the room and per your budget. If you are installing a ceiling fan try to choose an exhaust fan with less than “one sone” noise level. If you do not have access from above you can install a wall mounted unit. Install squirrel cage fans rather than the propeller type.


I would suggest that it is best to have your fan installed by a professional.  BPM Electric is a proud member of Shell Busey's HouseSmart Home Service Referral Network and can install a bathroom fan for you.

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