Buying a natural gas furnace

December 4th 2000

Question from: Don
Red Deer, AB

Dear Shell,

I am looking into buying a new energy efficient natural gas furnace for my home. The house was built in the early nineties. I need some advice on the questions I should be asking when shopping. We are also looking into replacing our gas water heater as well. Any advice you can give me in this direction will be appreciated.

Thanks, Don

Dear Don,

When you are shopping for a new furnace always make arrangements for a furnace technician to do a heat loss calculation on your home to ensure that the new furnace is sized correctly. Good, better, best; the best would be a 2-stage 2-speed condensing high efficiency furnace or since you are considering a new hot water tank and furnace, look into the Lifebreath Clean Air furnace by Nutech. For information on the Lifebreath products call 1-855-247-4200

Itís just that easy.

Shell Busey