Bleed Through on Exterior Paint

July 30th 2002

Question from Debbie in Mission, BC -----

Dear Shell,

We own a 33-year-old house that has wood siding (unsure of what kind of wood). It was originally painted (or possibly stained) Navajo Red. We have painted it twice and will be doing so again this summer.

The problem we have is that something bleeds through the new paint over couple of years and discolors it. We used Sears Weather Beater latex paint the first time we painted, but because of the discoloration, we used a "best" oil based paint the second time. Both times we prepared the surface by washing it and scraping the old paint off. We also primed the surface. The stains only appear on the surfaces that are painted white.

Can you suggest a brand of paint or stain that we could use that will prevent this from happening this time when we paint?

Thank you.



Dear Debbie,

Your problem probably started with your first coat of latex paint (it should have been an oil base stain or alkyd primer). The problem area on your white painted surface is very likely on a south or west exposure which is more effected by heat from the sun.

To prepare, sand all areas where the staining occurs (through to the raw wood) and apply an alkyd all purpose exterior primer with stain block. Final coat can be best quality exterior acrylic latex. Consider Cloverdale Paint or any of the national branded products.

Itís Just That Easy

Shell Busey