Bats in Your Attic? Build Them a Home of Their Own!

April 9th 2009
Bats in Your Attic? Build Them a Home of Their Own!

If you've got unwelcome guests in your home, and by guests I mean the little furry type with big ears and leathery wings, you probably don't want them around for too long. Consider building a Bat House. Homeowners, farmers, organic gardeners, foresters and recreation managers across North America are installing bat houses for education and pest reduction, and many other purposes. Bats are fascinating creatures, and should not be considered pests themselves, although if they've taken up residence in your attic or other area of your home or property it's understandable that you may want to evict these new tenants.

Spring is definitely the time to build a bat house as flightless young are not present until early to mid summer.   You can find some easy to follow bat house plans by clicking here and accessing Bat Conservation International's website.

The Bat Conservation International website features many frequently asked questions on safe eviction of Bats from your home, as well as the benefits of keeping a Bat House on or near your property.

Bats are not going to be a danger to pets and other animals in your area. They will however keep your insect population under control in an environmentally friendly way, and save your flower and vegetable gardens from getting eaten without the use of pesticides.

Keep in mind that you place your Bat House in an appropriate location, and follow the instructions accordingly when you build it. Good Luck.