Bathroom Ventilation Fan Drips Water

January 6th 2008
Bathroom Ventilation Fan Drips Water

Does your bathroom fan or venitlation drip water on a regular basis? Let Shell Busey's Home Improvements and Renovations help figure it out!

Q: Our house is about three years old. The ventilation fan in the ensuite bathroom drip water in the winter, usually when the temperature is -10 to -20. The vent itself and the exterior pipe look normal. I assume it is some form of condensation. How can I correct this?

A: All exhaust ventilation ducts must be duct taped at the joints and through the attic cavity. They should also be wrapped with Reflectix, it is important to first use metal brackets around pipe before wrapping it as this allows for air gap between the two surfaces and will prevent condensation from building up. If when wrapping the pipe with the Reflectix you need to join pieces together be sure to use the Reflectix tape which you will find in same area of Building Supply Centre. The warm moist air must be allowed to exhaust to the outside to vapourize rather than condense, which in your case is caused by cold ducting in attic cavity, venting the warm moist air out, the pipe is cold and the moisture builds up and drips back through your bathroom fan.

It's just that easy.