Bad Smell from Broken Water Pipe

February 25th 2003
Bad Smell from Broken Water Pipe

Question from John -----

Dear Shell,

I had a water pipe blow and we had a small lake in the crawl space. The pipe is fixed and the water is gone but the smell is still there.

How do I eliminate the smell?



Hi John,

An odor in the crawlspace can be caused by the type of problem that you have. Many others have the same odor problem caused by moisture wicking through concrete floors and walls. Most crawl spaces lack heat in the winter and adequate ventilation in the summer.

Power exhaust ventilation is one of the best solutions to consider in this situation. High relative humidity contained in a crawlspace will cause mold growth as well as mildew odors. Crawlspace and basement exhaust vent units install up against the outside wall and vent to the outside like a dryer. Typically, the unit is controlled by an electronic dehumidistat that turns the unit on automatically when it senses excess moisture. One manufacturer of such a product is Humidex 

It's Just That Easy!