Avoid Overflowing Toilet With Plumbers Snake

July 16th 2015
Avoid Overflowing Toilet With Plumbers Snake



Q:  We live in a bi-level home with one washroom on each level.  The problem I have is this: when I flush the toilet on the upper level, the water almost fills the toilet bowl before slowly draining away until it is gone and there is a sound of air coming from the drainage pipe.  The toilet in the washroom on the lower level seems to be fine when I flush it.  Advice please.



A:  There is a restriction in the outflow sanitary sewer line originating from the upper level toilet down to the outfall to the sanitary sewer or septic system.  I suggest removing the toilet from the floor and mechanically snaking the sanitary pipe.


You should also snake from the roof vent down the same sanitary pipe system.  The restriction will either be in the plumbing pipe or in the toilet trap.  Purchase a new wax seal for the toilet before replacing.  Always apply the wax seal to the bottom of the toilet before setting it down on the floor flange.  Tighten the toilet to the floor equally on each side.


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