Avoid Being Victims Of Poor Workmanship or Unqualified Contractors

January 20th 2016
Avoid Being Victims Of Poor Workmanship or Unqualified Contractors

I would like to offer some suggestions on ways in which homeowners can avoid being victims of poor workmanship or unqualified contractors when they want repairs, maintenance or upgrades to their homes. Here are 10 things to consider when you’re asking yourself: “Who’s coming to my home?”

  1. 1.  How did you find out about this company or person? From a friend? From door-to-door sales?  I do not recommend this type of marketing.

2.  Does the individual have a business license? No business license should mean no work. Does the individual have third-party liability insurance? He or she should have a minimum of $2 million.

3.  Is the individual a member of the Better Business Bureau? This is for your protection and it’s your responsibility to file complaint.

4.  Is the individual a member of Worksafe BC? This is for your protection. If the individual is not, you could be held responsible for an injury to a worker on your property.

5.  Get a contract in writing. Every detail must be agreed upon and anytime there is a change, a change order is required and both parties must sign it.

6.   Ensure your responsibilities as a homeowner if your project goes off the tracks. Who do you call? You contact the writer of the contract or change order it was your agreement with the contractor as to what was to be done and what you expected.

7.  Is there a deposit required? This should not exceed 40 per cent of the estimated value of the contract, Example $50,000 contract $20,000 deposit includes special order products (i.e. kitchen cabinets).

8.  Is there a warranty? Who is providing the warranty?

  1. 9.  Do you have on site rules covering such issues as the use of bathrooms, radios, smoking or drinking?

10.  Do you become friendly with the individual? It’s wise not to get too close as some situations can become messy if problems occur.

Keep in mind it is your responsibility as a homeowner to check out “who is coming to your home”.

When in doubt, don’t pout let Shell help you out!