Avante Contracting: Featured Member January 2009

January 8th 2009
Avante Contracting: Featured Member January 2009

This past December and even into January, Greater Vancouver has seen a tremendous amount of snowfall, and within the last 3 days, rain has washed a majority of that snow away; but where does all the water go?

Hopefully your perimeter drainage and catchment sump have been working diligently at getting that water away from your home, and into the city sewer system, but if your drains aren't working properly or are plugged, water could be settling next to your homes foundation, looking for a way into your basement or crawlspace.

Shell Busey recently had Fil Jorge of Avante Contracting on his program to talk about drainage issues, and the following are some tips that Fil suggested will help your homes drainage system work its best.

If there are drains on your property, possibly at the end of your driveway, exterior stairwells, or even on your deck or patio, be sure they are clear of ice and snow.

Catchment sumps should also be clear, and marked. An integral part of your homes drainage system, your catchment sump should be inspected at least once annually along with your homes perimeter drainage. Iron oxide and dirt can build up and plug your perimeter drainage rendering it ineffective, and one way to detect early signs of this before its too late is by opening up your sump and inspecting for dirt and iron oxide (rusty red discolorations.)

Your Drainage tile should be inspected every year and hydro-flushed at least once every 3-5 years by a professional, to wash out excess dirt and debris and prevent it from plugging.

Landscaping can also be an issue. Be aware of the types of trees and shrubs planted around your home, as roots can grow into your drainage tile in search of water, especially during the summer, when drainage is less of an issue, causing your problems come winter and spring when your drainage system is working its hardest.

Finally if you're looking to buy a home, you should know where the sump is right away, and check for build up and iron oxide, and inquire from the previous owner as to when the drainage system was last inspected and flushed. This will ensure that you don't have any drainage issues with your new home.

If you have a drainage problem, or would like to have your drainage inspected, call Shell Busey's Home Services Referral Network at 604 542 2236.