Attic Insulation Upgrade

September 24th 2002

Question from Evelyn in Surrey, B.C. -----

Dear Shell,

My husband and I recently purchased a home. We currently have vermiculite in the attic. The space between the 2x6's is filled with about 2" of the vermiculite in some areas and about 6" in others. We are planning to use the attic for storage and would like to upgrade or add to the current "insulation" and then screw down some plywood on top (so we don't step through accidentally). What is the better $ R-value rate?... Styrofoam, pink or something else? What has the better R-value/inch? Thank you in advance for any information you could give us.



Dear Evelyn,

You’ll want increase your existing insulation by R 28 (approximately 8” thick).

To do this, you can get an insulation company to blow in fibreglass or cellulose Weathersheild Insulation.

To do it yourself, consider R-28 bats of fibreglass or Roxul rock wool insulation.

To add storage, you will be required to put standoffs on top of your ceiling joists to form support for the storage floor.

To have this done professionally, please call the HouseSmart Centre at 604-542-2236 and we'll arrange for the right company to provide you with a quotation.

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