Podcast - Episode 28

December 4th 2015 Podcast - Episode 28





Episode 28 of Shell Busey's Podcast


Bringing the information and education while answering your home improvement questions.



Featured Interview: Cam Martin from Potters Nursery on Christmas tree care.


Potters Nursery operates 4 unique full service garden centers all of which are located in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada.



2nd Interview: Our weekly hit with Tony Gioventu from Condo Smarts


Tony is the executive director and strata property adviser for the Condominium Home Owners' Association of B.C. (CHOA).



Emails covered:
- Extension cord safety, interior and exterior over Holidays
- How to paint or refresh a stucco fireplace?
- Can you add another layer to asphalt shingles on roof?
- How to Refinish a cedar bar top?
- Lights in dining room flicker when dimmer switch is turned
- Why buy a wall mounted toilet?
- Best way to clean vinyl siding?
- Refinishing an antique Radiator in a bathroom





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