All In A Day's Work

January 22nd 2014
All In A Day

Folks I have been in the Home Improvement market for over 50 years and every day I am approached by home owners asking about a job that has gone sideways. I am often asked if I know as much as Mike Holmes. While I consider Mike Holmes and colleges like Jim Caruk who I have known for many years being on stage together and on the Handyman Challenge TV program the question still raises my blood pressure as well as the hair on the back of my neck. In fact folks I have even been asked if our renovation services do work as well and as good as on the Homes on Homes TV program. If you want to see me boil just ask that question. Lets push this aside as even though I like both of these men and many other entertainment types I would bet the farm on the fact that you will get a call back from me or even get me on the phone when you call our office. You know you are accessible when you get calls saying “Shell, can you help me?” My answer is always, yes how can I help? Then the story begins, sometimes 15 minutes long with tears being shed as the story of agony rolls out on the renovation from h---. Folks, how does this happen? I always ask the caller “why do I get called last?” The answer can be anything from I thought you were in the States or back East and I did not know how to reach you. Well, you are talking to me now.


Being on the radio, talking about Home Improvement for 30 years does make an impression so why would I be the last to be contacted. The point I am trying to make is this “Who is going to follow the leaders?” If you are one who does not consider me a leader in Home Improvement information please come and sit in my office one day and listen to the incoming calls.

One thing seems clear, we are not training our young building supply employees properly today.

I started in Owen Sound, Ontario in 1961 with Beaver Lumber, a name not readily recognized in this day and age. They referred to their training as Beaver University. They did on site training from A to Z. the closest I have seen to this in 52 years is Windsor Plywood’s very own Windsor “U.” Call it the school of hard knocks or what ever but it worked. Do you know that I would guestimate that over half of the major box store and building retail stores are owned and operated by ladies and gentlemen trained in the Beaver University program.


So folks, it you have a question and you are at a loss to find the answer, I am available and you will get the answers, the call back and the how to, the what to, the where to and the why to as well as who to in order to get the job done by the good, better, best and who cares about the rest when the good is better and the better is best.

Folks, I am not retiring, in fact I have just put in a proposal to a major box store Building Centre to allow me to set up a training store facility for their staff. We need well trained knowledgeable employees not label readers.

“It’s Just That Easy”