Algae removal from pine log cabin

November 10th 2010
Algae removal from pine log cabin

Q) I have quite a bit of algae on the exterior of my pine log cabin, how do I remove this?

A) First remove dust and debris from the pine log siding, then clean using Shell Busey's Home Cleaning Formula. This product removes: Algae, mildew, dirt, grease, & stains from all types of decks, wood, garages, driveways, concrete, asphalt.

Mix 4 level lids into a 3 gallon bucket of hot water. When cleaning siding, start at the bottom and work up to the top, using a stiff brush and extension pole rinsing as you move upward. On vinyl or wood horizontal siding, clean 2 - 3 rows at one time.

Do not use on or allow to dry on windows. Rinse all surfaces thoroughly with water after cleaning. Be sure to wear rubber gloves & protective eye wear.