Adding New Insulation To Your Attic

April 10th 2018
Adding New Insulation To Your Attic

Q)   I am so grateful that you are still doing this.  My question – I’m going to add insulation to our attic that presently has cellulose. Our house is 19 years old, and I should have done this a few years back. Should I only consider putting in cellulose again on top or should I consider the pink blown in insulation?  I believe code is now R50, would I be wise to take it up to R60? 

David in Ladner


A)  Adding insulation to increase the R-value, I would suggest that you use the cellulose for continuity and compatibility.  Before you go ahead with your selected insulator, have them include in their quote draft proofing of the ceiling area which requires foam sealant sprayed around pot lights (insure this is a heat resistant foam) and any wiring, plumbing pipes and ducting penetrating the ceiling.  Your selected contractor should be aware of what draft proofing is that you’re requesting.  Otherwise I suggest you look at having one of our service trades in Greater Vancouver give you a price.  I would suggest R-60 installed for the difference in price from R-50 to R-60, you will receive the benefits.

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