2016 Shell Busey and BSIA Bursary Award Winner

November 29th 2016
2016 Shell Busey and BSIA Bursary Award Winner

Congratulations to Faith Crowell who won a $2000 BSIA bursary for 2016.  Faith was awarded the bursary in the name of Shell Busey and Shell Busey's Home Service Referral Network.

The selection was based upon need, scholastic standing, community involvement, recommendations and future intentions.

This fall Faith will be doing a 12 month counselling program in order to get her counselling license. She loves to listen to people, to share in their joy an in their grief. As a counselor, she wants to be able to equip young people and families for life and provide them with the tools for developing healthy relationships with each other and with other people. Some of her other passions are reading, playing the piano, and hanging out with pre-teens. Her sponsoring store is Windsor Plywood in Coquitlam.

Congrats again Faith!