Accessible Bathroom Renovation

November 21st 2018

This bathroom was not only small but trying to have a bath when you are wheel chair bound is nearly impossible. In this condo we took this bathroom apart. Widened the entry and tiled all the walls and all the floor.
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Give Yourself A New Fireplace

November 19th 2018

This video shows a couple of fireplace transformations done. A stone surround can really change the look of your living room.
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Removing Rust Stains From Your Concrete Driveway

November 16th 2018

Dear Shell,I have some major rust stains on my concrete driveway that I would like to remove. This rust dripped down...
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Kitchen Renovation - Old Kitchen Transformed By SBHI

November 15th 2018

Shell Busey's Home Improvements & Renovations can design and renovate your whole home or just your kitchen and/or bathroom. Call 604.542.2236 to get your FREE estimate. This old large kitchen was enjoyed in its day, solid oak cabinets; room for all the cooking and baking a home owner could want.
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Taco LeakBreaker - Water Heater Leak Protection Device

October 16th 2018

The Taco LeakBreaker® is a water heater leak protection device that protects against flood damage from the containment failure of a water heater. It consists of a control unit, a valve with actuator and a sensor.
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Shell Busey On CBC Radio In Vancouver

October 15th 2018

Shell Busey was on CBC radio in Vancouver talking about ways to reduce natural gas usage.
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Keeping the Heat In

October 11th 2018

With the cold weather setting in, we've been receiving many calls and email inquiries from homeowners across Western Canada regarding how to properly insulate and draftproof various aspects of their homes....
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Fall Maintenance For Interior Of Home

October 5th 2018

Fall is here and it's the time of year when we inspect our homes and ensure our homes' heating systems are in fine working order. While the timing of the seasons varies, this maintenance list is a general guide for you to follow.
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Getting Exterior Of Home Ready For Fall

October 3rd 2018

As we head into shorter days and cooler nights, it's an ideal time to do some preventative maintenance to the exterior of your house. It doesn't have to take weeks or months and it doesn't have to cost a fortune. If you take care of the basics you'll save yourself hundreds of dollars in costly repairs for such things as winter damage and heat loss. Most people can do their own work, and it doesn't need to be a back breaking regimen of chores.
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Fall Lawn and Garden Tips

October 1st 2018

With fall just around the corner and cold weather approaching, this is a great time to prepare and maintain your landscaping for the upcoming winter season. - Prune shrubs and plants away from exterior siding. Cut back and dead head bedding plants and summer blooming shrubs.
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