Modular Home Renovation - Video

December 11th 2018

A modular home can withstand a huge renovation removing walls and installing engineered flooring old cabinets made new with two tone grey ... oh and a little paint! This house became a home for family and friends to gather.
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Exotic Wood At Windsor Plywood

November 30th 2018

Your local Windsor Plywood store is the place to go to find exotic wood for your next project. Their selection of Live-Edge and Specialty Wood is perfect if you wish to create a new table, end table, coffee table or anything else.
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Renovated Condo Increased Sale Price

November 27th 2018

This 2 bedroom White Rock condo stayed at a low market value for years . Approx $180,000. Maybe it was the kitchen or the old floors?
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The ToolBox Grand Re-Opening

November 22nd 2018

The Toolbox (A thrift store for the Surrey Hospice Society) is having a grand re-opening on December 1! Stop by and see the great selection of used tools. You can donate any old unused tools as well.
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Storage Expansion and Kitchen Renovation

November 22nd 2018

This home in South Surrey needed some streamline cabinet storage. Having a wall of white cabinets that were beautifully linked together by crown mouldings at the ceiling gave a calming organized feeling to this busy home.
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Accessible Bathroom Renovation

November 21st 2018

This bathroom was not only small but trying to have a bath when you are wheel chair bound is nearly impossible. In this condo we took this bathroom apart. Widened the entry and tiled all the walls and all the floor.
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Give Yourself A New Fireplace

November 19th 2018

This video shows a couple of fireplace transformations done. A stone surround can really change the look of your living room.
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Removing Rust Stains From Your Concrete Driveway

November 16th 2018

Dear Shell,I have some major rust stains on my concrete driveway that I would like to remove. This rust dripped down...
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Kitchen Renovation - Old Kitchen Transformed By SBHI

November 15th 2018

Shell Busey's Home Improvements & Renovations can design and renovate your whole home or just your kitchen and/or bathroom. Call 604.542.2236 to get your FREE estimate. This old large kitchen was enjoyed in its day, solid oak cabinets; room for all the cooking and baking a home owner could want.
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Taco LeakBreaker - Water Heater Leak Protection Device

October 16th 2018

The Taco LeakBreaker® is a water heater leak protection device that protects against flood damage from the containment failure of a water heater. It consists of a control unit, a valve with actuator and a sensor.
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