Top 5 Articles Home Owners Must Read

April 18th 2019

These are a collection of must read articles on
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Shell's Grandson Wins Curling Gold At Canada Winter Games

March 7th 2019

Shell's Grandson won gold in Curling at the Canada Winter Games. Congratulations to all of the members of Team Sato, who won the first ever gold for BC in Men's Curling.
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Restoration Of Plumbing Pipes

March 4th 2019

Are you living in a home or condo that has copper pipes? Have you experienced any pin hole leaks in those copper pipes? You don't need to replace the pipes, you can have them restored.
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Understanding Permits for Home Renovations

January 22nd 2019

For the average homeowner, taking on a major home renovation yourself can be rewarding but also overwhelming. Whether you are building a home or doing a renovation, in order to avoid any costly surprises it's important to understand what is required and what you as a homeowner are capable of accomplishing. They need to consider questions like:
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James Hardie Siding and Other Products

December 19th 2018

The best siding product to use for a new home or if you are replacing your siding, would be horizontal plank Hardie Siding prepainted or prestained. The paint lasts and lasts and there is very little maintenance required.
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Humidex System To Remove Moisture and Condensation From Home

December 19th 2018

If you have a high relative humidity in your home, excess moisture can be handled in a number of ways. Consider the installation of a low sone (quiet) exhaust fan that is controlled by a dehumidistat. Those with moisture problems in their crawl space/basement or sunroom/solarium can find relief from the problem with a Humidex system.
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Condo Kitchen Renovation - Video

December 13th 2018

This beautifully renovated kitchen was in a small down condo town high rise. Strata was informed of the changes and plumbing permits had to be in place before starting the demolition. A small wall was taken out to open up the space. We moved the sink and stove to give more cabinet space and food prep. The lighting, granite, and paint were coordinated to the rich coloured espresso custom cabinets.
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New Kitchen Renovation - Video

December 12th 2018

Why change just your cabinet doors, when you can do this!! Lights, cabinets, counters back splash.
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Modular Home Renovation - Video

December 11th 2018

A modular home can withstand a huge renovation removing walls and installing engineered flooring old cabinets made new with two tone grey ... oh and a little paint! This house became a home for family and friends to gather.
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Exotic Wood At Windsor Plywood

November 30th 2018

Your local Windsor Plywood store is the place to go to find exotic wood for your next project. Their selection of Live-Edge and Specialty Wood is perfect if you wish to create a new table, end table, coffee table or anything else.
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