Ask Shell's Tip Of The Day - Venting A Basement With Moisture Problems

June 13th 2018
Ask Shell

High moisture in a basement or crawlspace will eventually work its way up into your living area through cracks in and around the sub floor as well as up through your furnace duct system, and will cause condensation on your windows.

To rectify this problem, consider insulating the perimeter walls in the basement or crawlspace and between joists over top of the concrete wall with rigid foam insulation and sealing it with acoustical caulking.

Installing a Humidex basement or crawlspace ventilation device will exhaust the high moisture content from the crawlspace cavity eliminating the window condensation and drying out the wood floor structure.

Spray all mold areas with half water and half bleach mixture. It is recommended that a certified installer install Humidex ventilation systems.