Ask Shell's Tip Of The Day - How To Soundproof Basement Ceiling

June 27th 2018
Ask Shell

Shell Busey shows you how to soundproof your basement ceiling. Here are the steps...

1. Block off all forced air heating ducts (stuff with fibreglass batts in plastic bags) into basement suite and install convection heaters in the suite.

2. Install R20 Batt insulation up tight against the upper sub floor plywood (install around electrical wiring).

3. Apply Donna conna board or sound board to the bottom of the floor joists.

4. Apply Sound Bar (Resilient Channel 16” centres over Donna conna).

5. Apply 5/8” drywall to sound bar, tape and fill.

NOTE: If your home is forced air heat, it is advisable to use an alternate heating source for the basement to stop transfer of sound up through the duct system. This is done by terminating your ducts into the basement area.