When To Re-Roof - December 18th 2003

When To Re-Roof

Q: Our shake roof is 15 years old. I believe it is supposed to have a 25-year life span. There were two small leaks in the middle of the roof some four years back and these were repaired with 8 - 10 shingles. Now it appears that some shakes are curled up from the weather but no leaks have appeared this past four years. What do you recommend; should I leave it alone or have someone in to inspect the roof.

John, Abbotsford

A: It's hard to tell without seeing the roof but it doesn't sound like it is in bad shape. Based on the age of your roof, you might have about 3 to 5 years of life left with the current roof. Please do not get talked into doing anything to the existing roof except to have it repaired as required. The odd curled shingle is not unheard of. When you are ready to consider a new roof, feel free to call the HouseSmart Referral Network at 604-542-2236 and we'll send someone out who can give you an opinion about the urgency of your roof replacement as well as a no obligation estimate.