When its Time to Replace a Furnace - August 4th 2005

When its Time to Replace a Furnace

Q: I live in an 1820 sq.ft. two storey home in Winnipeg. The basement is fully developed and heated as well. My concern is that we still have the original heating system, now 33 years old, and I want your opinion on whether or not we should consider replacing it this coming summer. We have it inspected every fall and so far it is operating just fine. If you advise replacing it, what level of efficiency should we be looking at and could you recommend a reliable heating company here in Winnipeg that could be contacted.

A: There is a saying that I quite often use regarding furnaces. "If your furnace is 20 years of age or older it is on borrowed time". A 33 year old furnace may well be 30 to 50% over sized for your home as well as only 50 - 60% efficient. My recommendation would be to have your heat load calculated by a qualified heating contractor and consider a furnace with a high efficiency (up to 95% plus) complete with a variable speed motor and two stage burner.