What Should I Use To Remove Water Stains on Stipple Ceiling? - December 2nd 2008

What Should I Use To Remove Water Stains on Stipple Ceiling?

Q: We have a water stain on our stippled ceiling which we think was a result of a roof leak. We have since had our roof repaired but what can I use to cover the yellow stain on my ceiling? Also, our house is almost 20-years-old and the ceilings have never been painted and I was wondering how often this should be done. We didn't notice how dirty the ceilings looked until after we had our walls freshly painted and I regret that we had overlooked the ceilings since it would have made sense to do the ceiling before we painted the walls.

A: Stains on ceiling can be caused by roof leaks as well as condensation or smoke stains. Condensation stains will usually show up around the outside wall perimeter where the wall and ceiling meet. This is caused when warm, moist air tries to escape in the cold winter months and condenses at the cold section of the ceiling to form a damp surface. This serves to attract dust particles circulating in the air and hence the dark staining.

To cover the stain, first vacuum the ceiling using a carpet attachment nozzle and then apply a coat of paint formulated for textured ceilings such as Cloverdale Paints ProFresh. Apply using a slit foam roller. This is a messy job be sure. Be sure to take care to cover the walls and furniture with drop cloths. You will have to re-paint the entire ceiling, as paint fades and discolors over time.