What Process and Paint Should I Use on Paneling? - December 2nd 2008

What Process and Paint Should I Use on Paneling?

Q: We have two walls in our basement with dark wood paneling. We want to paint them a light colour and need your advice as to what preparation is needed. Also, do we need to prime them and what paint do you suggest?

A: First remove any receptacle covers and turn power off to them. Wash the walls with my Shell Busey Home Cleaning Formula. Make sure to use the light mixture, which is indicated is on the label. Rinse walls well and allow to dry.

Apply all purpose acrylic latex primer or fast drying all-purpose primer to grooves and seams, being sure to cut in the trim and ceiling first. This will prevent the paneling's color from bleeding through. Then use the roller for the rest, working from top to bottom. When dry, paint with the best acrylic latex paint in your chosen colour.