Warming Up The Chill In Your Crawl Space - July 24th 2015

Warming Up The Chill In Your Crawl Space



Q:  We have an early 1960’s home that has a 200-square foot addition off the kitchen.  The home has a full basement, but the addition is on a three-foot dirt crawl space.  We have insulated the walls of the crawl space with sheet insulation and laid poly vapour barrier on the dirt surface to try to keep out the moisture.  Unfortunately, this has not helped to keep out the moisture.  Is there something we can do about it now so that we will be prepared for next winter?



A:  The best advice I can offer is to install an energy efficient electric convection heater in the addition to keep the area warm and at a comfortable temperature throughout the winter. 


You can also staple a reflective foil insulation on the underside of the crawl space joists.  The foil insulation will do exactly what the name says: reflect heat that would be lost through your floor back up into the joist cavity, keeping your floors warmer.