Walkway Has Moss Growing On It - April 18th 2005

Walkway Has Moss Growing On It

Q: We have Sierra Stone on our front entrance walkway that has moss growing on it . My husband pressure washes it about four times a year but the moss keeps growing back. Do you have a solution to this seemingly never ending problem?

Dianne, Abbotsford

A: Epoxy Stone (Sierra Stone) requires sealant every three years to maintain the lustre on the surface. First clean the walkway using my Shell Busey Home Cleaning Formula. Mix up the heavy duty formula and apply to the surface with a watering can, allow to sit for 10 minutes and scrub with a patio broom. Rinse well with a garden hose loosening up all of the green algae spores. Vacuum the excess water from the stone area with a wet/dry shop vac. To seal the surface purchase a two part Urethane Epoxy coating from the Paint shop in Langley. Call them at 604 597 3432 for further information on the product.